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Room 1: adult and child



Tzfat's Cemetery

Down below the Old City of Tzfat, towards the base of the mountain, lies the famous cemetery of Tzfat. People come to the cemetery from all ...

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The Gallery Street

Gallery Street is a shoppers heaven. If you are looking to furnish your house with pictures or carpets, buy modern Judaica as a present for ...

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Safed Candles

Safed Candles is such a central site for visitors to Tzfat that its hard to realize that its history goes back only 18 years. But in fact, ...

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The Aris Mikva

One of the more unusual tourist spots for men in Safed is the Ari Mikva which is located adjacent to the Old Cemetery and is accessible alon ...

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Otzar Hastam

Some of Judaism's most beautiful artwork doesn't hang on the walls of fancy homes. It doesn't glitter or gleam, and there's no "oohing" and ...

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