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How do I begin Israel travel plans?
To begin your experience, call us toll-free: 1-866.376.6716 or e-mail us at:
one of our tour operators will be happy to help you plan your perfect trip.

Can Travel Deal Israel help me with my flight arrangements?
Travel Deal specializes in providing land services for groups, conferences, and individuals visiting Israel including Hotel bookings, Car rentals and transfers throughout the country, if you have any difficulty with your flight plans while in the country we can certainly provide you with a phone number of a competent travel agent

How long are the flights to and from Israel?
A direct flight from New York is 9-11 hours. Many flights connect through Europe which can extend your traveling time to over 14 hours

What information do I need in order to start planning my Israel trip?
For starters you will need to know the approximate dates for your up coming trip, amount of adults/children traveling, hotel type and area you would like to stay in. with this info we are better able to plan your travel experience to best suit your needs

What time of year is best for my Israel tour?
Since the climate is so diverse, any time of year is perfect for travel. We at Travel Deal Israel will help plan the ideal vacation for you.

What is the time difference?
Israel is either 6 or 7 hours ahead of standard East Coast time, depending on the season.

What is the cost for my Israel travel experience?
Once you contact one of our tour operators we will be happy to provide you with a price quote according to your specified needs and budget.

How safe is Israel travel?
It's considered by many to be one of the safest places on earth. Though we've seen some hard times, most people traveling to Israel recently will confirm they felt safe and secure throughout their travel.

What do I need to know about Health Insurance?
Medical facilities are excellent but treatment can be very expensive so it is essential that you take out full travelers insurance. Also, bring a copy of your prescriptions along with you.

What should I pack for my Israel tour?
Seasons and climates are very diverse. It is worth the time to research the weather forecast before your travel.

How much baggage can I take for my Israel travel?
Typically international flights allow 1 to 2 pieces of luggage to be checked under the airplane per person. Many airlines have recently adjusted their luggage weight allowances. You should contact your airline carrier for exact details before your travel

Which electrical current is used in Israel?
The regular wall outlet uses 220volts (America uses 110v). Your regular electronics plug will not fit into an outlet, however for personal laptop computers, only a plug adapter is necessary, not a power converter. Most hotels provide converters, and have 110 volt sockets available in the restrooms.

Can I drink the tap water in Israel?
Most travelers prefer to drink bottled water

What currency is used in Israel?
Currency is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). The exchange rate to the dollar varies, but recent market values have varied between 3.80NIS/$1.00 to 3.90 NIS/$1.00

What will happen once I arrive in Israel?
Upon your arrival in Israel Travel Deal can arrange a driver to meet you at the Airport as you come out from customs and take you to your hotel.

How do I handle tipping during my Israel travel?
Minimum recommended tip for your Hotel stay (which includes bellboy, waiter, housekeeping is $15.00 per day for a party of up to 4, for drivers on transfer to and from airport, $5 -10, but of course, this is left to your discretion

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