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Room 1: adult and child



Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Discover The Wonders of the Red Sea Visitors to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park enjoy the rare opportunity to enter the amazing world ...

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Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef is a magical palm fringed beach whose azure waters are home to a delightful natural treasure a school of Dolphins: The Reefs b ...

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Kings City

Kings City is a biblical theme park. The park is built over a 40,000 square feet area on three levels, the park resembles a kings palace. Th ...

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Coral Beach Nature Reserve

At the Coral Beach Nature Reserve on the Red Sea south of Eilat, the moment you put your head in the water (with a diving mask, of course) y ...

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Hai Bar Yotvata

Located in the southern Arava Valley north of Eilat was established to foster the breeding of animals mentioned in the Bible and other endan ...

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Timna Park

Timna Park combines incredible scenery and fun activities for the entire family with a fascinating historical tale. The park is located app ...

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IMAX 3D theatre

Located opposite the airport and a short walk form the hotels on the Northern Beach. The IMAX experience is the worlds most powerful and in ...

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Camel Tours

The Camel Ranch in Nachal Shlomo Eilat offers the visitor to Eilat a unique view of the desert from the back of a camel. The Camel Ranch op ...

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