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Chamei Tiveria: Tiberias Hot Springs

The Tiberias Hot Springs leisure center, which features 17 natural thermomineral water springs with unique hea...

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Home of Donna Gracia

During the years of the Inquisition in Spain, many Jews formally converted to Christianity, yet secretly maint...

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Kivrei Tzaddikim Holy Burial Sites

R. Meir Baal Haness Location : Rt: #90 South next to Tiberias Hot Springs Kever of Rachel the wife of R. Akiv...

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Lido Boating

Lido Beach, on the Shores of the Lake of Galilee, is built around a shady harbor in a picturesque biblical set...

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Gai Beach Park

The park combines a private bathing beach and one of the countrys most attractive water parks, with a wide var...

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Hamat Tiberias National Park

The 17 springs of the city of Hamat Tiberias have been famous since antiquity for their healing qualities. Bec...

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